Too Much Cosmetic Surgery – A Physician’s View

Recently making headlines around the globe was Cindy Jackson and her 52 cosmetic surgeries. Her story might have many asking what is reasonable and what is too much when it comes to cosmetic surgery.

It’s pretty easy to say that 52 cosmetic surgeries is definitely an extreme.  Our average client has far fewer encounters with the knife. In fact, most of my patients have a very specific request that is very sensible and I’m able to satisfy their desire with one operation.

It is true that satisfied patients are more likely to be return patients for a second or a third procedure. This is not strange, nor is it too much either when the expectations are reasonable.

Periodically patients are referred to me who have had less than optimal results from a previous surgery and want a revision surgery (see corrective breast surgery and fixing bad liposuction). Sometimes, one of my own patients may seek additional improvement, which is generally achievable. I don’t have any problems with that and these patients are generally very easy to please.

However, there is a subset of patients who are constantly jumping from doctor to doctor wanting changes that are unreasonable. These patients often have had many procedures already and they look overdone.  Most of them suffer from a condition called Body Dysmorphic Syndrome or BDS and they won’t quit seeking further surgeries. If one plastic surgeon tells them no, they will simply move on to another surgeon and then another hoping to find one who will agree to do the surgery.

Cindy Jackson seems to be walking a fine line between a reasonable patient and one obsessed with one’s own body image. Some might even classify her as a “professional patient.”   One thing she does well is extensively research each doctor she visits based on excellence in the procedure she is seeking. She seems to know exactly what she wants; and so far, she has a very acceptable appearance (even attractive) despite the many surgeries she has undergone.

Yes, based on my experience in plastic surgery, it seems that the more surgeries you do the less chance of obtaining a natural result.   It may take a trained professional to notice that Cindy’s lips and the corners of her mouth contract unnaturally. The untrained eye might miss this. I’m sure that a more careful inspection will reveal more telltale signs of the multiple surgeries.

Ultimately it is her choice. Just as some people choose to age without the help of plastic surgery. Both positions deserve our respect. However, I believe those who have conditions such as BDS need appropriate help and certainly our compassion.

If you’d like an honest evaluation of your cosmetic procedure needs, please call and schedule a FREE consultation with Oklahoma’s top plastic surgeon, Juan Brou MD.  Call 405.945.0001 or 877.919.BROU.

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