Brava Breast Enhancement

Does work. HOWEVER, it barely adds much tissue (in their own brochure which I picked up at a cosmetic surgery show, it states the final increase to be 90-100cc on the 3 patients they gave as examples. The average breast bravaimplant used for cosmetic breast enlargement is over three times that amount. To obtain an increase of one cup size, it requires about 175 cc to 200 cc. At $2500, it is EXTREMELY expensive, and requires a lot of time (minimum 10-week, 10-hour a day treatment, a total of 700 hours!) and obviously, patience. For a little bit more money and less aggravation, get exactly the size you want in a lot less time by getting breast implants.

Risks of Brava: Holly Millea from Good Morning America said, “I feel almost like I have plungers on . . . Like strong men are pulling my breasts away from my chest.” The Brava can cause contact dermatitis, an itchy skin condition and soreness. Pregnant or lactating women, those with history of breast cancer, or those who have had a mastectomy cannot use the Brava System.

Cost: Brava Systems can only be obtained from doctors and the retail price is $2500. Brava systems are sold to physicians for about $1,400. The doctor is totally responsible for any refunded money. They take all the responsibility, Brava takes none. The doctors get Brava credits for returned units, they are not refunded their actual cost.

FDA: The Brava does have FDA approval, but only as an unregulated device. The FDA cannot say whether any growth will last or how long it will last. Nor can they state whether or not the Brava suctioned breast tissue will be healthy.

One woman who was kicked out of the clinical trials states, “I didn’t get any growth, I did experience skin problems, I found the thing extremely uncomfortable, and I wouldn’t be caught dead outside my house in it! And I certainly would have messed up their ability to print that all the woman in the clinical trials reported satisfactory results!” She also added, “My doctor currently has more (Brava) credits than she needs.”

Brava Clinical trial results

The following information will provide you with detailed information about the safety of the BRAVA System.

Skin Irritation:
Some redness and swelling is normal when using the system. Users of the BRAVA System report that there is no discomfort or pain involved when used as directed. Normally, any skin redness will disappear in about an hour. A small amount of swelling to the breast tissue area is expected until the user completes the treatment.

In some cases, a mild to moderate skin irritation can occur when using the BRAVA System. When the BRAVA System is worn and a rash develops, a Brava user will need to discontinue use until the skin irritation is resolved.

Find out more about the Triactol Bust SerumAlthough it is extremely rare, some users can develop contact dermatitis, which is as an allergic reaction to the materials used in the construction of the BRAVA System. If itching, blistering, or unusual swelling occurs, you could be allergic to silicone-based products that make up the components of the System.

Those who are prone to hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin) should consult with their dermatologist prior to using the System.

Costochondritis is a rare cause of chest wall pain and is characterized by a painful swelling of the upper costal cartilages of the rib cage (where the ribs connect to the breast bone).


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