Remembering My Breast Enhancement Experience This Spring

Breast Enhancement And BikinisSpring was here so early this year in the Southeast but we are having a couple cold nights again. Yesterday, on Easter, I was remembering the days when I would experience anxiety when spring came because it meant that summertime was right around the corner and in the summer the girls were going to be on the beach and they were going to be wearing bathing suits and bikinis and I knew that over the last year, again, my chest did not mature so that I did not have the breast enlargement that I wanted to for summertime.

I always wore a T-shirt at the beach but would take the T-shirt off, if necessary, to go into the water. I really preferred to keep the T-shirt on when I was swimming but my friends would just make fun of me. Thinking back I guess it was from age 16 until I was about 25 that this was happening until I finally decided to look into what I could do about my bust.

Like most woman I automatically started looking into breast augmentation surgery thinking that surgery was really my only option and knowing that I would have to take out a loan in order to pay for it, I just did not have the extra thousands of dollars.

I was an avid user of the Internet and so I started to do my research using Google. It was then that I found other websites that talked about natural methods of increasing breast size. I discovered that there were physical devices used to enhance the breasts as well as pills and creams. Being that I was a science major in school I was very skeptical that herbs could actually produce the kinds of results they were claiming. I had been in health food stores and had seen garlic for lowering cholesterol, saw palmetto for prostate health and chamomile for helping someone sleep so I had knowledge that herbs and vitamins are being used but I never imagined it could be used to enhance the breasts.

As a researcher I had to “dig” into it and that’s when I discovered that sure enough a number of herbs were being used for a number of women’s conditions. Black cohosh was being used for menopause and PMS as well as Dong Quai, Red Raspberry leaf was being used to help the uterus be more fertile and Fennel seed was being used to promote lactation.

This was so much of a contrast to my scientific background in in what I knew about pharmaceuticals and conventional medicine. I felt to some extent that I had to prove it wrong, expose their falsehoods and warn women of their scam and so I dug and dug and the more research I did the more I was convinced that this was actually a valid alternative for women who wanted to enhance their breasts.

breast successStill with much reservation I decided to buy one of the products, Breast Success, and when it arrived I was actually pretty excited. On one hand I actually had hopes that this was going to end my embarrassment and shame and yet on the other side I still needed to see it work before I became a believer.

I started to take the Breast Success just as the instructions indicated and I didn’t see any real change for about the first two weeks. I then started to notice that my bra was a little bit tight but this is nothing unusual since my bra tightened every time I had my menstruation. Then I realized I was not having my period but something must be happening with my chest.

Luckily, on one of the websites I read they encouraged you to measure your breasts prior to starting any kind of a breast enhancement product and this I did. So I started my new adventure with an A bra size and in two weeks I started to experience tightness in my bra (I am now wearing a C size bra).

I had only purchased a one-month supply so if this tightness kept increasing I realized I was going to have to buy some more since it seemed to me like it was working. In another week it was definite that my breasts were increasing in size and now I knew my cycle was going to start and there was always some swelling. I only had one week left of the pills so I got online and purchased another bottle. This time I noticed some other brands like Breast Actives but I knew that Breast Success was doing something for me so that’s what I decided to continue with.

It's a dream to be in a bikiniI waited until my cycle was past and any possible swelling of my breasts would have been gone and there was absolutely no doubt in my mind that I needed to buy a new bra. It may seem funny but I even bought bras that were a little too big for me because I had no intentions of stopping if my breasts were going to keep responding like they had. I was getting very excited, was it possible that this summer I was not going to be ashamed to wear a bikini or a bathing suit, it seemed like a dream.

Well to make the rest of my story short, my breasts did keep increasing in size and I was not ashamed to wear a bathing suit that summer. Friends even mentioned to me that I had really “matured” since the previous summer and although I wanted to tell them what I had discovered I will a little embarrassed that I had some help.

Now that I had reached a bust size that I was happy with I wasn’t as concerned about using Breast Success so I thought that I would try another product. I read that you should keep using the herbs to maintain the breast size while others say that the change is permanent. Honestly, I never wanted to find out and just kept taking the pills, although I did not stress if I missed a time or two.

It was at this point that I decided to start trying some other products so my next time I needed to make a purchase I bought Breast Actives and used that for about two months and had a further enhancement of my breasts. I started to try to get a better understanding of which formulations were going to be the most beneficial to stay on as a maintenance product to make sure my breasts stayed at this new size and which formulation was also the healthiest.

It was at some point during this experience I had relatives that underwent surgery and were given prescriptions and had a terrible time in recovery as well as side effects from the pain medications. I also had a friend that decided to have breast augmentation surgery. Luckily she had only minor complications, not like some women experience in the stories that I have read online and in breast implant support groups.

Total Curve Breast Enhancer With VolufilineI was getting pretty disappointed with the medical community, the way they approach helping people with their bodies. This is when, in 2005, I started my own natural breast enhancement website. At that time I shared with people my story about using Breast Success and later Breast Actives. Since then there have been two more exciting products that I have tried, one being Total Curve that has a Volufiline and the other is Triactol that contains Mirofirm. I found both of these products to be very satisfying as well and so I came to the conclusion that these four products were very high quality.

I have tried lots of products over the last 8 years in response to being told about other products but it is these four that I have decided I like the most.

If you are considering breast augmentation please try a natural breast enhancement for a month or two to experience the results.


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