Breast Enhancement Cream Reviews And Comparisons

I receive the question a lot, “Should I use a breast enhancement cream or would I be better off with a pill?” I know that when I first ventured onto my own breast enhancement journey there were no creams, only pills so I got Breast Success. Since then there have been more and more products coming into the marketplace each with their own benefits and features.

Breast Actives enhancement cream and pillIt can be hard to know what to do if you have a limited science background and not enough time to do research. I have both the science background and choose to take the time to do the research in hopes that I could help women who needed the help and to prevent them from having dangerous surgeries. You can read about my personal experience with breast enhancement creams and it should help you understand my perspective at least.

The purpose of this post however was to compare creams and pills and help you understand the science behind each of them.

Comparison Of Cream And Pill

Very simply put pills are ingested through the mouth and pass through the digestive system while creams are rubbed topically to the skin.

Pills and Tablets


This is an easy delivery method to do anywhere you are, home, work, restaurant or on the road. As long as you have the pills and can swallow them with or without a liquid you can always take your supplement.

Like an herbal tea or a vitamin, the chemicals that are within the supplement are absorbed by the body, enter the bloodstream and are transported to the various locations and stimulate hormones to be secreted that increase breast size.


Because it goes through the digestive system there will be loss due to digestive chemicals and the filtering action of the kidneys. This does not render the pills obsolete but it does reduce the optimum effectiveness.



Breast ActivesThe direct application to the skin is advantageous because there is less chance for the chemicals to be destroyed by digestion. On the other hand little is known as to how much of the active ingredients get absorbed. Actually they use an agent like DMSO to force the chemicals into the skin where it is carried into the blood stream and stimulates the production of the hormones that increase breast size.


The only real drawback with breast enhancement cream is that it is not as convenient to use in application as swallowing a pill. Some creams are really messy but the ones that I use, Total Curve, Breast Actives, Triactol and Breast Success have all taken great care to produce a cream that is like a hand lotion and not too oily.


The conclusion that I have come to is that the breast enhancements that include both a pill and a cream are taking advantage of both enhancement types of insertion into the body. The only breast enlargement of the four that I use that is only a cream or serum is Triactol and it is the one with the strongest scientific studies supporting it. So there, you have my perspective, I am convinced that it is not that a cream is better than a pill or vice versa. I think it is wise to use both as these companies have determined. They offer 60-day money back guarantees so they have to make sure they have a system that will work.


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