Breast Enhancement Exercise Can Firm and Enlarge Breasts

When it comes to breast enhancement women would like to know there is something that does not cost money to help further enhancement. There is a lot of emphasis on herbs and the new cosmetic ingredient Volufiline. This emphasis is not unfounded since those herbs and Volufiline are well known for their ability to increase breast size but how about something that does not require money?

I recall from the days of my youth, grade school, a bunch of girls walking and swinging our arms saying, “I must, I must, I must increase my bust.”I still remember those days like it was yesterday. It was a song put out by the Lords of Acid but I only learned this just recently. I saw a post on a blog that said this line was from a book by Judy Blume.

People don’t agree as to whether exercise provides any real benefit to breast enhancement. Some women promise that it works while others say that they did not see any improvement from the exercises.

One way or the other, it does not cost anything and you will be better off for any exercise you do. I would suggest you try this for 60 days and see if it changes your body. I don’t know of any double blind studies have been done on exercise for breast enlargement. Who knows if the women that say it did not work were consistent or the women that say it works weren’t using something else at the same time.

The foundational idea for breast enhancement through exercise is a firming of the muscles to prevent sagging. It is well known that exercise will enhance the skin’s health. With adequate hydration there should be some improvement.

Lets take some time to look at the most successful exercise for breast enhancement named the dumbbell fly.

All you need for this exercise is a lightweight dumbbell, no more than 5 pounds.Avoid using heavy weights so that you don’t tear any muscles, ligaments or tendons. This is not for “building” muscles but for toning.

Here is how you execute the dumbbell fly.

1. Lay down on the floor.

2. Extend your arms out holding a dumbbell in each hand and keep your arms perpendicular to your shoulders.

3. Keeping your arms a little bent at the elbows, lift both arms up over your torso.

4. The dumbbells should meet over your upper chest.

5. Lower your arms and repeat 13-15 times.

The dumbbell fly is the Queen breast enhancement exercise. There are two more exercises I will share as well.

This one is also done lying down on your back with light dumbbells. This time instead of lowering your arms you want to keep your elbows parallel with the floor and lower your hand into the middle of your chest. Do 13-15 repetitions but make sure that at the beginning you don’t overwork your muscles or you could pull something.

The last exercise is done in a standing position. The name of this is a lateral dumbbell raise. Hold the dumbbells and lift them laterally at your sides so your arms are parallel to the floor and then make small circles of approximately 1 foot. Move your arm to the front and back for about 15 repetitions.

This will firm and strengthen your chest and upper body. If you don’t notice any significant growth you can still be sure you are doing something good for yourself.

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April 22, 2011

Serina Maxwell @ 12:25 pm #

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May 30, 2011

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