Sharing Two Emails I Got Recently

First Email: Please Help Me

Today I wanted to take some time to write about an experience I had last week. There was a young lady that wanted to know if natural breast enhancements were going to help her so she e-mailed me. I could sense in her email that she was struggling with some of the same things that I did as a young lady. My heart immediately went out to her because I understood those emotions; the embarrassment, shame and fear, so I wrote her back answering the questions that she had.

She wrote back thanking me for answering her questions and started to share in greater depth her own personal experience. I think she may have read my blog post on my personal experience with natural remedies and how I was very embarrassed and fearful come springtime because during summer people would be going swimming in bikinis.

It seemed to me that more than anything she was reaching out to someone that was a neutral party that didn’t know who she was, who her family is or who her friends are and just was looking for a friend. What a privilege it was for me to be able to share with her and to reassure her that natural breast enhancements could very well change her life. Of course I also encouraged her that the breast exercises are important.

Now I’m waiting for her next email hoping that she’ll continue to share with me. She did tell me that she purchased Breast Actives. I’m excited for her and hoping that she’ll tell me good news about her experience.

Second Email: Small Breasts Are “In”

I also received a very interesting email from another young lady that told me that breast enhancement was no longer important and that a smaller chest was the “in” thing and that this was not essential. She seemed pretty frustrated with my blog.

I follow trends like that and it does appear as though there is a movement so-to-speak amongst women to be completely natural, accepting what God gave you and to find comfort in that. I can certainly appreciate that and as a matter fact some celebrities have had breast implants removed as a result.

I’m very happy for them and I want everyone to be completely happy with their bodies. I have no interest in seeing every woman enhancing her breasts. If you read my personal experience you will see that what motivated me to start my blog was a mixture of my own personal satisfaction but was also to help inform women that there are alternatives to surgery.

What I am talking about is that the women that want to have surgical breast implants need to understand the risks and dangers and that there are natural alternatives.

This was not the first time that I’ve got a response from a person that was not happy with my blog. I completely understand and I feel enraged when I read about breast implants knowing the dangers. I have received emails and have talked with the ladies that are continuing to suffer from pain as a result of having postoperative surgeries in an effort to correct the problems that the first surgery created.

Wanted to share these two emails.

How do you feel? Please send me an email and let me know or leave a comment below.


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