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Notice: Unlike most companies who buy or use fake before and after photos and/or testimonials, our breast enlargement testimonials are taken directly from phone calls, feedback forms, clinical study comments, and e-mails & letters from our customers. Nothing is ever made up and we keep the original documentation with contact data in a safe, should the FDA or any agency need to verify them.

This is Marcy from San Diego. The bottom line is that much to my delight the product worked and although I didn’t add enough to become a centerfold (grin) I am now able to fill out a proper bra. It was a joy going to Victoria’s Secret and not having to use the little silicone cups I had come to rely on. I was introduced to your product by a patient of mine who was had great success as well. May your company be around for years to come. "


My mane is Julie Richards from Akron, Ohio and I’ve been on your pills for 31/2 months now and when i started I was a small B and today I stand in front of the mirror and I’m wearing a D cup and I’m starting to overflow the bra and I have done all this in 3 and 1/2 months. I’m so thrilled! My life has completely changed and I have to get new clothes. I love shopping for new bras and I think I’m going to have to got a  Double D soon. Thank you so much for your product. I’m going to keep on using it, because I love what it does for me."

Thank You,
Julie –
Akron, Ohio   

"I have been using Breast Success now for about a month (I have just started my second bottle of capsules) and I am beginning to see results already. Within the first two weeks I noticed that my breasts were much firmer then they were before. I have now begun to see growth in size. I wasn’t even a full A cup and now I am almost a 36A. I have always been self conscious about my breast size (seeing as I really didn’t even need a training bra at 25. . .very sad!), and your product has given me the confidence I need. I will certainly be ordering your product in the future. I look forward to giving you more updates as I continue to take the product. Thank you so much for creating a product that truly is for women. I know you have made my outlook on my build 100% better already! "

Thanks again!
Jamie  –
Tampa, Florida   

Its been about 6 six weeks since I started with Breast Success. As an Asian, I was skeptical too but I was also looking for some supplements to prepare me for menopause as I am in my mid-40s. So I thought I might as well kill two birds with one stone! I don’t really want to make a mountain out of a mole hill (if you catch my drift) but by golly these things really work!! You can actually feel your breasts tingling and every morning, they seem to have added! I am so pleased I would probably get them for my sister’s birthday too!"

My best,
Pat –
San Francisco, CA

"My name is Jean from Apple Valley, Mn. and I’ve been using Breast Success for a month and I can already tell a difference in my shape and in my silhouette. I can feel that they are getting more firm and that they are tender, so I think I’m in a growth spurt and I love it! I think its a great product and I truly would recommend it to anybody and I’m not just saying that, I really would and I’m very happy with it and will continue to use it."

My name is Emilla from Toronto, after my 2nd pregnancy I was overweight, but also my breasts became very small. When I finished breast feeding my baby I became flat and my husband wanted me to get breast enlargement surgery. I was prepared to try anything, but I didn’t want to have breast surgery. I knew there where pills available on the internet and I think Breast Success is the best one, so I ordered a 2 month supply and just after 3 weeks I notices results, when I was done using the product my breasts increased 2 cup sizes and I’m very glad I tried the product. I see myself confident and my self esteem and I’m not embarrassed to take my child to her swimming classes and it has also improved my sex life and my husband compliments me on how I look very often."
Thank you

My Mane is Nisha and I’m from Singapore. When I started to use this product I didn’t believe it would work on me, especially since I’m an Asian woman, because a lot of breast enhancement products don’t work well for Asian women. But I’m telling you this product worked wonders for me and I noticed an increase and after 4 weeks my breasts became firmer. Even my husband noticed it. I’m looking better in my bra now and hoping to grow at least 1 full cup size. I’m glad to have found a great product and thanks to Breast Success and to ever invented it."

God Bless You

My name is Shelia from Illinois
While I’ve been taking this product I’ve been dieting as well and over the last 2 months I’ve lost several inches . I’ve lost an inch on my waist, an inch on my thighs, pretty much just all over. The amazing thing is that I’ve gained an Inch in my breast area and that is my success story and it seems to be working very well and I’m very happy that I bought the product."


"Chris from Trenton, N.J.
I just wanted to let everyone know that I think "Breast Success" is Great. I’ve tried it for about 3 months now and I just decided to measure myself a couple of days ago and I was 1 inch larger than I had been, so I’m ecstatic about that and I’m about to order some more."

Thank You Very Much

"My name is Arvella from Rialto,ca
I love this product I had a size of 32 AA and now I see a great improvement I have only been using breast success for 2 months and already see a great improvement I went from flat to full. I don’t have to use padded bras I can do braless and fell comfortable about myself and my chest."

Thank You,
Arvella Nelson

"Just wanted to say thank you for the great product Breast Success. It really works wonders."

Appreciated, Joe from NY


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