Should I Get A Breast Pump For Breast Enlargement

Is A Breast Enlargement Pump A Good Alternative To High Breast Implant Prices?

Breast enlargement pump equipment has been around for a long time. But will a breast enlargement pump work or are is this just another in a long line of ineffective alternatives to high breast implant prices?

Let’s take a close look at breast enlargement using various types of pumps and suction devices to determine if this is something you should even consider or if there is a better and more effective way to enlarge your breasts.

These pump or vacuum techniques for breast enlargement are supposed to work due to the tension on the breast. This then results in new breast tissue growth.

This would be great if it worked, but it’s physiologically impossible for any breast enlargement pump or any other mechanical device to do this.

Your body tissue cannot grow due to any type of mechanical force. No breast enlargement pump can stimulate the growth of any patient’s breast tissue.

In addition to increasing breast size, most women who are interested in breast enlargement are also interested in improving the shape of their breasts for that so-called look of perfect female breasts.

One very big reason that many women are concerned with breast shape has to do with the deflated and stretched look of a womens breasts if she has breast fed her children.

This is of course another area where a breast enlargement pump will not do the job. Think about it, your breast is already stretched out of proportion so why would you want to stretch it even more using a breast enlargement pump?

The answer of course is that you wouldn’t use any breast enlargement pump.

Before continuing with more problems associated with a breast enlargement pump lets take a look at a breast enlargement technique that is safe and is showing a lot of potential.

This alternative to a breast enlargement pump is not painful, it’s very safe, backed by doctors and has been proven to be a permanent option for women.

It was developed after extensive research into just how a womans breasts actually grow. This clinically tested method has shown not only to increase a womans breast size but to dramatically improve the shape, firmness and feel of the breasts.

They have quite a bit of research and success stories to back up their product.

To read more about this alternative to a breast enlargement pump that has been proven to work just click here, or you can continue reading more details about breast enlargement pumps.

Another big problem with a breast enlargement pump is the fact that with some of them you have to wear this large bulky device 24hrs a day for months on end!

You have to sleep with it on, go to work with it on, exercise with it on – everything!

Besides the fact that it won’t give you the results you want, the most ridiculous aspect of a breast enlargement pump is that you can’t take it off.

Here is how you are supposed to use pumps for breast enlargement.

1. You place this bulky device directly over both of your breasts. There is a hole in each of the “breast domes” that are attached to a tube.

2. The tube is then joined on to a computer box.

3. The computer is what controls the amount of suction. It apparently adjusts the pressure throughout the day to make sure it’s consistent in each of the “breast domes”. This is supposed to be the way that it generates new tissue. But here’s another thought; what if the computer malfunctions and you get greater pressure on one side?
As we all know, computers fail and malfunction on a daily basis.

4. You are also required to wear a special support bra that accommodates the entire system. The breast domes, all the tubes and the computer that runs the whole system.

As mentioned before, reports suggest that you are to wear the bra all the time for months to achieve the best results. Even if you are hoping for the smallest improvement in breast size it’s still suggested that you wear this contraption for a minimum of ten hours each day for a minimum of ten weeks.

If you choose not to wear it constantly, you would then place the system into a modem, where the information is uploaded to the manufacturers website. This is apparently to track how long you’ve been using it, the amount of pressure, etc.

Probably the one big positive you can take from all of this is the fact that a breast enlargement pump is not surgery. It’s a lot less painful and not as dangerous.

However, you can expect it to cost almost as much for a breast enlargement pump as breast implants prices.

When it comes to breast enlargement you have a few choices: very expensive, potentially dangerous, ineffective or perhaps the only one out of all methods is the one mentioned above that’s a lot cheaper and actually works for breast enlargement.


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