Natural Breast Enhancement – A True Alternative to Augmentation Surgery?

How many women do you think are dissatisfied with their breasts? And we’re not just talking breast size. We’re talking breast shape, the look of the nipple and areola, the curvature of the breast, the roundness, the amount of firmness and lift, and the overall symmetry and balance of the breasts with the rest of the female body. Because of women’s increasing awareness of breasts brought on by media, magazines, beauty ideals of the times and just plain old peer pressure to “measure up” to their other female friends, a lot of women are turning to surgery to enlarge and otherwise enhancer their breasts to make them more eye-appealing, and yep, you’ve got it – to attract the opposite of sex.

breast enhancement comparison chartNot only have women turned to plastic surgery to augment and enhance their chests, but there are also an increasing amount of women finding success with natural breast enhancement alternatives. These alternative treatments may include herbal breast enhancement and breast enlargement supplements, vacuum devices worn for a somewhat lengthy period, and even the use of professional hypnotism or tapes for breast enlargement. The information that is out there concerning the safety, actual “science”, and effectiveness of these breast enhancing alternatives is somewhat confusing and even contradictory at best.

Most (maybe not all, but most) MD’s and plastic surgeons quickly dismiss anything but invasive surgery to enlarge the breasts, while many herbalists, naturopaths, customers, and of course, the people behind most breast enhancing pills and formulas will plead the case that this simply is not true. While not every single women can achieve natural breast enhancement, there are enough women who can, and have, that the idea merits further interest and research if you’re the type of person who would rather have their own natural breasts than get implants.

So, all of this considered, can you really increase your breast size without invasive cosmetic surgery? Do these natural breast enhancement products work, or don’t they? Well, the answer may not be as clear cut as you’d like. Some of the products work and some do not work at all. Also, one quality product with a good reputation may work wonders on one person, while not doing much of anything for another. This same statement actually holds true for almost anything marketed as a self improvement nutraceutical. A variety of factors can affect the outcome for any person. Those factors include metabolism, body fat, the individual reaction to said product and its ingredients, length of time on the product, consistency in taking the product, diet, and so on and so on.

Some Things to Consider When Looking for an Alternative

First and foremost, use your instincts when looking online (which is presumably where you’d find any quality product). If the site looks cheap and thrown together, with bogus looking testimonials of before or after shots that look obviously altered or obviously of breast implant before and afters, immediately leave the site and keep on shopping. This always indicates a poor quality product that is just thrown on the market to make a quick buck (and by the way, ruin it for the good ones).

Money Back Guarantee?

Most good products will offer some sort of solid money back guarantee as long as you used their product honestly and for the duration of time purchased. This way, if you get absolutely zero results after you’ve honestly tried and followed the directions, as well as stayed on long enough to realize some sort of results, you can get your money back.


Duration of time in the business usually signifies a quality company that has a solid record of customer service and satisfaction. Let’s face it, otherwise they probably would have gone under long ago. Keep your eyes and ears open. Chances are if a product is completely ineffective and has not worked for anyone, usually those are the customers with the loudest bark.

Price – It’s True You Get What You Pay For

I know money is tight for most people nowadays, and no one wants to spend more than they have to on any product that may be viewed as a “gamble”. Chances are, if you buy a product that’s $19.99, you’ll get about the equivalent in results. Some of these products are poorly manufactured, watered down, and not even created by people who know their herbs or know how to combine them for maximum efficacy.

Follow these few simple guidelines, and you go into the consumer mind set armed with the knowledge you need to make smart choices in natural breast enhancement.

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