One Woman’s Story of Breast Implants


“I WANT AMERICA BACK: I want the Principles, the Values of the HUMAN LIFE held as Sacred, I WANT Truth, and Justice for ALL!! Yes, if we still had these values, there would be no need for me to write this story!”

My Story About Breast Implants

This is the biggest nightmare that has happened to women and children since the Vietnam war. Power and money hunger caused it all. The human life was not considered,nor were the lifetime effects to the families involved.

Silicone is a toxic chemical that should NEVER be placed into the human body!! Little did I know, that when those silicone implants were placed into my body, (following a masctectomy), that this would be the beginning of my personal nightmare! I was a nurse, I believed in the FDA, the doctors, and I genuinely believed that there was not a product available for human use that was not screened and studied for five years before it could be placed on the market.

That is what I truly believed about our system of government. Now, after 22 years, I realize that none of my beliefs about the medical profession, nor the FDA, were true at all! We were used and experiemented on.

The manufacturers of the implants knew that their research dogs were dying after being implanted with silicone, but they hid their internal memos, and placed these devices on the market anyway! They were slick enough to even slip through the FDA regulations, by way of a (grandfather clause). The manufacturers kept coming up with excuses, and delays to the FDA, about their clinical studies and trials.

All the while women were being implanted with this toxic, deadly silicone! My story is like so many others; we come from all parts of the world, yet we all have one thing in common, SILICONE BREAST IMPLANTS! We all experienced unexplainable fatigue, pain in our joints and muscles, headaches, memory loss,rashes,and the list goes on.

We went to doctors for years, and were told that we had stress related problems, and were usually given tranqualizers. We even began to think that we were imagining all our pain, inability to sleep, our now chronic fatigue, (no matter how much rest and sleep you had, you never felt better). We went from one doctor to another; with bladder infections, sore throats, stomach and colon problems, weight loss, female problems, etc.

The cycle would not end, but we never got any answers either. Not once, did it occur to me that these problems, and my declining health could be related to my breast implants! I look back now and remember the chest pains, the pain between my shoulders, the hardened,painful tight breasts, and the leg pain. In 1991, after many years of pain and suffering, I read an article in the Redbook magazine about breast implants and all the problems they were causing.

I could not believe what I was reading. This woman’s story matched mine in every way. This was the answer to all my health problems. I could not wait for my husband to get home, so I could tell him. I would just have the implants removed, and then I would be back to normal. WRONG AGAIN! THE DAMAGE WAS ALREADY DONE!

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After the surgery to remove the implants, my specialist said that I had neurological damage (nerve damage), tested positive for lupus and MS, polyneuropathy, and that the chronic fatigue would probably not get any better. He said that I would need to have chemotherapy to stop the damage to my immune system. I could not believe this! How could I have been so stupid, to believe in our government, our medical profession, and what was going to happen to my body?

Would I even live very long? I shed more tears,and showed more anger toward everyone involved in this hideous scandal than I have ever felt before. It has been nearly 6 years since my implants were removed. I am still very ill. I have had chemo twice with prednisone IV. I have been in the hospital about 20 times, not counting the numerous trips to the emergency rooms. I have been disabled for 5 years now, and not able to work.

I can’t even clean our house, or do most of the things I could before. Much of my time is spent in bed, due to the chronic, severe headaches and pain. I still have the fatigue, the headaches, numbness and tingling of my body, the muscle and joint pain everyday. Also memory loss, abnormal blood tests, edema, asceptic meninigitis about 4 times,and in April was diagnosed with Raynaud’s Disease.

I have met so many courageous, sweet women over the years, either in the hospital or through support groups. We share so much. We cry together, and share our stories. We all know of someone who has died from this disease, and we will always remember them. We are bound to each other through our sufferings and trials. Most of us are financially broke. It took me 4 years to get my SS disability, and some of the women still have not gotten theirs.

It is a crying shame, that some husbands could not stay with their wives through it all. Now these women are all alone and broke. Many women can’t even afford to get their implants removed. Since they no longer work-no insurance! This is all so real, we have no more pride in our appearance as the nice-looking women we once where our breasts are gone and we are left with horrible scars. We are at the bottom, but we will not give up or stop fighting for our cause.

So now, I suggest to the manufacturers that they stop their lies, and quit spending so much money on falsified studies such as Mayo, Harvard, and Johns Hopkins. Stop the false advertising. Let both sides be told to the media. Face the truth like a man; pay us for the damages, pain, suffering and our shortened life expectancy. Tell us you are sorry, and that you realize now that you made a grave mistake.

Also, vow to never allow something like this to ever happen again, even if you have a new product which can bring in lots of money! PEOPLE WILL SOON LEARN THE WHOLE WICKED STORY, AND THERE WILL BE NOTHING THAT YOU CAN DO TO STOP THE TRUTH AGAIN!! THE TRUTH WILL PREVAIL!!! May Update: I spent most of the month very sick with severe edema, that would not go down, and then I began having chest pains.

I was then put in the hospital for a week to remove the fluid around my lungs and heart. I was then diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. I have been told I need to have a heart catherization to see exactly how much damage is done. I will see another cardiologist this week, the first week in June. I would also like to ask for your prayers as we women are fighting an even bigger battle against Dow and the character assasinations against us.

Again, please pray that God will allow the whole truth to be known, that we can tell our stories to the media and that good will finally overcome evil. I have made four television interviews and a newspaper article was written also. We must tell our stories and insist that we women be the source of the studies so that we will get the correct results of tests!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart…

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