Breast Augmentation Surgery Risks

Despite the fact that breast augmentation surgery has become one of the most common and regularly done elective surgeries, there are still a number of risks involved in the procedure.

Some of these risks are very minor but there are some that have very detrimental and permanent effects, which makes it very important for women to arm themselves with knowledge before going under the knife.

One way that women can do so is to consult with her doctor or the surgeon she is considering to do the operation, which can be really help women get the facts with regard to the risks involved in breast augmentation surgery.

In addition to this, women can also go online and research on the risks involved in this kind of surgery.

Breast augmentation surgery risks include

There are different risks that are discussed in the literature on breast augmentation surgery and any woman who is thinking of getting her breasts done would do well to know these risks.

One of the most common risks involved in this kind of surgery is that after the operation, a woman may lose some sensitivity in the breast area and also the nipple area.

In addition to this, there is also a risk that during future mammograms, the view of the doctor would be obscured by the implants. In some cases, women also risk suffering from breast tissue atrophy, which is opposite to what implants are supposed to do.

Some of the most serious risks include:

1. The risk of breast tissue necrosis, which can have very detrimental effects to the body.

2. The body may reject the implant, which would make the body push the implant out of the skin, which can cause the skin in the breast to break.

3. Infections are also some of the most serious risks, as it can cause other complications.

4. The possibility of developing capsular contraction, wherein breast tissue squeezes the implant, which can result to a “baseball breasts” that look deformed and painful.

5. The risk of having problems with breast feeding in the future as a result of the surgery.

Regarding breast augmentation surgery risks, it can be said that undergoing this procedure is not as simple as it seems. In addition to this, those that have been mentioned are only a few of the risks involved, which makes it important for women to arm themselves with knowledge on other risks so that they can make the right decision with regard to their options.

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November 5, 2010

marirea @ 7:51 pm #

Good information, I really appreciate sharing this great post, tnx

November 29, 2010

Sari Motley @ 3:03 am #

This is very informative information. If more people knew all the pros and cons I think there would be less breast surgeries.


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